Legal Opinion for Extended Verification SSL

Industry standards require Certification Authorities to obtain a Legal Opinion Letter that verifies certain facts about a business before issuing it an Extended Verification Secure Socket Layer (EV-SSL) Certification. Many companies choose to pursue an EV-SSL certificate for their website.  As part of this process, a Certification Authority (CA) will often require a Legal Opinion…

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Supreme Court Review

The latest Supreme Court term, which ended in July 2013, produced a series of 5-4 decisions that changed the employment law landscape regarding: (1) an employer’s vicarious liability for sexual harassment allegedly perpetrated by a supervisor; (2) burdens of proof in retaliation cases; (3) Fair Labor Standards Act collective actions; and (4) Rule 23 class…

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NLRB Advice Memorandum Clarifies Law Regarding Employers’ Ability To Prohibit Employees From Disclosing Information About Misconduct Investigations

Employers investigating complaints or incidents of employee misconduct—such as sexual harassment in the workplace—have typically admonished employees to refrain from disclosing information about ongoing investigations.  Employers do so to protect the integrity of the investigation, the reputation of the accused employees, and the employees who lodge complaints or provide information from becoming targets for retaliation.

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