Law Links: Welcome to the Jungle

Firm partner, William McComas will be presenting at Law Links, a summer internship program for high school students around the state. The topic of the seminar, “Welcome to the Jungle” will explore issues in technology law including cyberbullying, intellectual property, and other emerging and converging technology law issues on the web. As one of Maryland’s leading…

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William McComas to Speak at a National Business Institute Seminar

Bowie & Jensen partner, William McComas will be speaking at National Business Institute seminar in June.  Helping Your Client Buy or Sell a Small-to-Medium Sized Business This upcoming seminar will focus on how to effectively negotiate and structure buy-sell agreements. It will provide detailed instructions on transactional procedures from start to finish in mergers and acquisitions. The…

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Construction Law: Mechanic’s Liens in Maryland – The Basics – Updated

Here is an updated refresher on the basics of mechanic’s liens in Maryland for contractors, subcontractors, and owners.  Each party to a construction project should know the basics of mechanic’s liens in Maryland, including the timing of bringing forth a claim, notice requirements to the parties, and other considerations. The following list consists of some…

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